Axl Rose Invites Dave Grohl For Extra Guitar Power To Close Guns N’ Roses’ Show

Guns N’ Roses headlined their first-ever Glastonbury festival on the main Pyramid Stage this past Saturday. They surprised fans by bringing out Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl on guitar to close the show with ‘Paradise City.’ As Grohl walked onto the stage, Axl said to the crowd:

“You can never have too many f*cking guitars.”

There were already rumors about Foo Fighters taking the stage at the festival. NME even asked Grohl’s long-time friend Rick Astley before his performance this past Saturday whether the frontman had reached out to him. Rick replied:

“I think everyone has heard those rumors. I haven’t had a text from Dave, if that’s what you’re asking. I don’t know. I went to the Taylor Hawkins tribute gig at Wembley, and I’m just really happy for them that they can go out and play live again. In a lot of people’s minds, it was unknown if they would. It’s a wonderful thing. If they did turn up at Glastonbury and there was a roof, then I’m sure they’d take the roof off.”

Even though Rick wasn’t sure, some fans assumed the band billed as The Churnups could be the Foo Fighters. The secret was out as they returned to Glastonbury Festival for their first show in the UK this past Friday since the passing of Taylor Hawkins. As they took the stage, Dave asked the crowd:

“You guys f*cking knew it was us the whole time; you knew it was us, right? We’re not good at secrets.”

You can watch Dave Grohl’s performance with Guns N’ Roses below.