Bruce Springsteen Visits His Childhood Home With His Son For The Holidays


Journalist Stan Goldstein recently tweeted a photo of Bruce Springsteen and his son in his childhood home in New Jersey. They visited the now occupied house, and the rocker gave his son a tour in the spirit of the holidays.

Bruce was born in Long Branch, New Jersey but spent most of his childhood in Freehold on South Street. His father was a bus driver but also did other jobs to earn his living. Even though Bruce didn’t fit in with his peers in his earlier years, especially in school, the singer felt nostalgic while driving past his district.

He married Patti Scialfa in 1991, and they lived in New Jersey before moving to Los Angeles. They had their first child in 1990, and their youngest son Samuel Ryan Springsteen was born in 1994. He is now a firefighter in New Jersey, where Bruce initially spent his childhood.

The rocker and his son recently decided to visit Bruce’s childhood home. Right now, it has occupants, but it seems like they kindly invited the singer to give his son a tour of the place when they were driving by. According to Goldstein, they went inside, and Bruce showed Sam where they used to put the Christmas tree with his family.

Here is what Goldstein revealed in his tweet:

“Bruce Springsteen, with his son Sam, was driving by his second childhood home (39 1/2 Institute Street in Freehold, New Jersey) last week and stopped when he saw the current owner outside. They went inside, and Bruce showed him where his family used to put up their Christmas tree.

The fans were happy to see Bruce was not drifting away from his childhood memories and remembers where he came from. Some other fans revealed their connections to New Jersey. Because Goldstein revealed the address of the house Bruce grew up in, some fans started considering visiting the place as well and wondered if the house reveal increased the price of the estate.

You can see the tweet below.