Blüe Öyster Cult’s Joe Bouchard Suggests KISS Were Alice Cooper Copycats

Blue Öyster Cult’s former bassist Joe Bouchard recently dialed in with Classic Album Review and talked about how he thought KISS were Alice Cooper’s rip-offs.

Bouchard first described how he perceived KISS’ performances as similar to Alice’s shows back in the day, as the latter band opened for Blüe Öyster Cült in 1973 along with Nazareth:

“TV sets were going out into the pool. The motel was trashed; it was, oh my God… I enjoyed the KISS shows in the early days. I saw them as kind of picking up where Alice Cooper was going into, like showbiz; they picked up on the hard rock aspect of Alice Cooper and continued on with that and the costumes and the fireworks… It was a good rock and roll show.”

Joe then also told a story about how KISS guitarist Ace Frehley tried ‘competing’ against Nazareth in a drinking game:

“Towards the end of the tour, I think it was the last night of the tour, Ace Frehley decides that he’s goin’ to try to drink the Nazareth guys under the table… and there was no contest. Ace was out flat on his back, and Nazareth guys were still going.”

In a 2021 interview, the bassist talked about why he decided to leave the band:

“After 16 years in the band, I was burned out from constant touring and recording. I wanted to try something different. I had a young family with two daughters, and I felt I needed to be home more often. I thought I might leave music altogether…but that idea only lasted about two weeks. I constantly dream about music, and I couldn’t get that feeling out of my head.”

In the same interview, Joe also shared his opinion on the possibility of a reunion:

“Is there a Blue Öyster Cult reunion in the future? Probably not. It’s up to Eric and Buck, and they are pretty happy with the current band members. They are both approaching their mid-70s, and it’s likely the band will retire at some point. If the right opportunity came along, I would do a one-off special event, but it’s not my call.”

Band’s guitarist Buck Dharma mentioned in a 2020 interview that ‘The Symbol Remains’ may or may not be their last album, and the future of the group according to him:

“Yes…it might be our last recorded record and we could stop now and go out on a high point, but we will see what happens in the future. Our years of touring are now limited…we won’t do this forever. Travelling becomes more and more arduous and now, with the virus, we don’t know whats going on and are just taking things day by day to see how it goes.”

After leaving Blue Öyster Cult, Joe Bouchard had a prolific solo career, releasing 7 albums. You can check his latest album ‘American Rocker,’ dated 2022, here.

You can watch the rest of the interview below.