What Happened To Jefferson Airplane’s Grace Slick


Grace Slick was an important figure during the earlier times of psychedelic rock’s spread through the music scene in the mid-60s. Before her retirement, she became a part of many impactful songs and albums in the rock act. She worked as a model and wrote songs before announcing her name to the music world. Slick initially joined the band The Great Society, which embraced the acid rock genre in 1965.

After Darby Slick led the group to examine the raga-influenced psychedelic genre, they gained more recognition in the rock scene. The band recorded several demos and ‘Somebody to Love,’ which would later be re-recorded by Jefferson Airplane. Grace Slick was on vocals, guitar, and piano in this track. Following the departure of Signe Toly Anderson from Jefferson Airplane in 1966, Grace joined the band as she wanted to take her music career to a more professional point.

Grace Slick’s Attendance At Jefferson Airplane


Jefferson Airplane took a new path embracing folk-rock style with the joining of Grace Slick to the band. They became the first band to accomplish commercial success worldwide from the Bay Area with several successful songs. The group’s 1967 album entitled ‘Surrealistic Pillow’ brought them massive recognition by being considered the unique works of early psychedelic rock in the ’60s.

White Rabbit‘ and ‘Somebody To Love‘ from the album impacted the rock scene and carried the band to a notable place in the music world. Grace Slick had written and performed both of the tracks when she had been in The Great Society. She sang these two songs in a different style in Jefferson Airplane’s album than she had done in The Great Society. The songs became hits and associated with Jefferson Airplane from the beginning of their release.

When Grace focused on her solo career in the ’70s, she released several albums such as  ‘Manhole,’ ‘Dreams,’ and ‘Software.’ The singer was nominated for the Grammy Award for her album, ‘Dreams,’ proving the success of her solo works. Although Jefferson Airplane reunited in 1989, she decided to retire from the music industry in the same period.

The Reason Grace Slick Ended Her Music Career


Apart from her alcoholism and use of substances that affected her career, the musician felt distant from the rock world. According to Grace Slick, as she was getting old and not having a problem with aging, she decided it was better to retire. During the interview with VH1 for the Jefferson Airplane documentary about her retirement from the music industry, she explained that withdrawing from the rock and roll scene after 50 years old was the logical decision.

Grace Slick said in her words:

“All rock-and-rollers over the age of 50 look stupid and should retire.”

Later on, in a 2007 interview, she stated that rock and roll were for the young people who wanted to express their anger. As she saw this genre from this point of view, the singer decided that it was better to retire than to perform something she did not feel relevant.

Slick explained:

“You can do jazz, classical, blues, opera, country until you’re 150, but rap and rock and roll are a way for young people to get that anger out. It’s silly to perform a song that has no relevance to the present or expresses feelings you no longer have.”

After her retirement, Slick started painting and drawing and displayed her artworks in 2000. She faced several health problems and had surgeries. Later on, the singer fell into a coma and learned how to walk after it. Her most recent attendance was at the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Awards in 2016.