Gwen Stefani Denies Linking Son Kingston’s Talents To Nepotism

Gwen Stefani recently sat down with People and during the interview she touched on her son Kingston Rossdale’s first performance at Blake Shelton’s bar in Tishomingo, Oklahoma. The singer pointed out that she doesn’t believe that her son’s new venture relates to him being a ‘nepo baby.’

Here’s what Stefani told about her son’s interest in becoming a musician:

“I don’t think it really comes from like, ‘Oh your parents do music so you’re going to do music.’ I think everybody has their individual purpose and talents and gifts but with yeah Kingston did perform the idea was King has like been writing a bunch of amazing songs and I mean there truly are like…when it’s your kid it’s like you love everything but this is like next level to me. These are really good songs.”

She went on to tell the story of how Kingston ended up on stage. Gwen recalled:

“So Blake said, ‘Hey, he’s got to, we got to go live now we got he’s got to learn how to do that.’ I mean it’s so different than writing a song to be able to sing live is like a whole other thing. I think back like when I was in No Doubt I was exactly his age when No Doubt got together.

When Blake offered Kingston the stage, he took him up on the offer. He said:

“So anyways we were talking about that and Blake has a bar restaurant in Tishomingo where we live in Oklahoma. He’s like, ‘Hey, I’m getting up to do you know at the Doghouse and to Tishomingo to do that’s the name of the club part of it to do some acoustic stuff he should just get up and try to play a couple of his songs.'”

Gwen clarified that it wasn’t a debut but she was ‘bawling’ seeing her son perform up on stage. She expressed:

“It was just really like casual and so we texted them he’s like, ‘Would you want to do this?’ It wasn’t like a debut or anything like that. I was literally like this is what it’s like to be on a microphone because I’m sure he’s going to want to start his own band and do his whole thing but it was summertime and we were doing it and so he hopped up there. I was bawling I was like watching him bawling.”

The ‘nepo baby’ topic was very much discussed some even came forward to share their opinions on the matter. While Bono’s daughter Eve made fun of the topic some like Scott Weiland’s son Noah denied the label. Some like Liam Gallagher accused the ‘nepo baby’ critics for being jealous.

You can watch Gwen Stefani’s interview with People and watch Kingston Rossdale perform below.