Nikki Sixx’s Daughter Frankie Celebrates The Birthday Of Her Late Child

Frankie Sixx had a pretty traumatic experience when she was just 15 years old — she lost her child several hours after birth. Now, she draws attention to women suffering from the same experience and remembers her late son with her social media posts. In her recent Instagram post, Frankie addressed her late son Jesse on his 6th birthday with a touching message.

Sixx was 15 when she and her partner Easter Easterson welcomed their first child, Jesse Evan Easterson. Sadly, Jesse passed away hours after his birth on November 20, 2016. Since then, Frankie has used her social media to express her feelings about that heartbreaking incident every year on Jesse’s birthday. This year, she wrote an emotional letter to her son, still grieving his loss.

Happy 6th birthday, my beautiful boy,” wrote Frankie Sixx, “Thank you for choosing me to be your mom and showing me true love. I see you in every tiny moment of every day. I see you in new sprouts and the bugs and the sky. I see you in conversations with strangers. I see you whenever I look at your dad or in the mirror. I would give anything to lay with you today. I promise to bring you home to me really soon.”

The influencer continued, “I feel your love; I feel you trying to give me slivers of joy during hard times. I aspire to be as bright as you. I aspire to walk this earth in gratitude for the moments we spent together, even though I ache for more of them. I know you live through your dad and me. I feel you with every rise and fall of my chest. I love you forever, my sweet boy; happy birthday.”

It’s no doubt that Jesse’s passing is heart-wrenching for Frankie Sixx, and she tries to channel her emotions via social media posts every year on Jesse’s birthday. Besides, she also tries to support women coping with the same issue and raise awareness about this challenging experience.

Photo Credit: Frankie Sixx – Instagram