Bill Wyman Shares Mick Jagger’s Reaction To The Recent Rolling Stones Reunion

Not long ago, Bill Wyman participated in studio recordings with the Rolling Stones for their upcoming tribute album honoring Charlie Watts. In a recent interview with Variety, the bassist discussed Mick Jagger’s response to his last collaboration with his former band.

Sharing the details of how this joint effort came about, the musician said:

“When Mick [Jagger] asked if I would play on one of the tracks in tribute to Charlie, of course, I immediately said yes. But I haven’t flown in decades, so I just went over to Metropolis Studios here in London and recorded my part.”

However, some news headlines implied that Wyman returned to the Stones, although he contributed just one new track to the album. To clear the air about this issue and reflect on Jagger’s reaction to his work, the bassist explained:

“Mick indicated he’s delighted with the track, so that’s a bonus, but that’s the extent of my ‘return.’ Are we finished talking about the Stones today?”

This reunion also caught the attention of Steven Van Zandt, who expressed his thoughts on Twitter. The guitarist was glad to see Wyman record with the band again, as he believes the bassist played a significant role in shaping the sound of the early Rolling Stones.

In addition to his latest music effort, Bill Wyman is excited about his upcoming new book, ‘Bill Wyman’s Chelsea: From Medieval Village To Cultural Capital,’ set for publication on August 31. It includes over four hundred photos that were taken by the musician.