The Who Returns To Cincinnati After 42-Year Hiatus

The Who members recently announced that they would return to Cincinnati to perform their upcoming concert on their official Twitter account after forty-two years. It will be their first tour after the infamous tragic incident during one of their shows decades ago as a part of their The Who Hits Back Tour.

On February 5, The Who 1979 Tour started and ended in London on December 28 to promote their eighth studio album, ‘Who Are You.’ The band members were already shaken by their drummer Keith Moon’s sudden death, and they didn’t know that they would have to face another devastating incident. The band’s Cincinnati concert took place on December 3, 1979, at Riverfront Coliseum, known as Heritage Bank Center.

The place’s seating organization was the first comers’ taking the best places, so it initiated a massive disaster. Some of the audience heard The Who’s soundcheck and thought they had started performing. Therefore, they rushed to the entrance doors and forced them to open to get inside. This early entry caused a crowd crush and eleven fans to lose their lives due to the incident, but the band members learned about it after the concert.

It was a tragedy for The Who members, and they didn’t plan any concerts there for forty-two years. This long waiting of their people from there ended with the latest announcement. The band will return to Cincinnati on May 15, and Zach Wuorinen, a young musician from Finneytown, will join them to play the bass. Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey’s decision to play in the city made their longtime fans very happy and excited.

Here’s what The Who wrote in their tweet:

“More and more great things are coming out of Cincinnati as the city prepares to welcome back The Who after a self-imposed 42-year-old hiatus.

You can check out the tweet below.