David Lee Roth Admits He Was Sexually Inappropriate With An Entire Generation

Rock legend David Lee Roth recently opened up about the wild days of Van Halen on his YouTube show, The Roth Show. In a candid conversation, the former frontman reminisced about the band’s past, shedding light on some of the band’s most chaotic moments. As he began to discuss the band’s packed promotional schedule during their heyday, he also made a startling confession.

Van Halen was no stranger to a busy lifestyle during their ascent to stardom. With an intense touring schedule and countless press appearances to promote their albums, the band was always on the go. While reflecting on one such whirlwind promotional tour, Roth couldn’t help but dive into the gritty details of their lifestyle at the time.

Despite their grueling schedule, he stated that the band’s youth and vigor allowed them to power through and enjoy the ride – sometimes a bit too much. According to the musician, not only did the band members have enough energy to keep up with their demanding careers, but Roth himself also found time to be sexually involved with ‘a whole generation.’

His words about his and Van Halen’s wild days went as follows:

Eddie [Van Halen] and I got into an airplane with two fellas – promotional fellas – George and Dave, and we did seven radio stations in three days. Every one of them [in] a different city. Then, we did another seven radio stations in seven different cities – this is no sh*t – in three more days.

We did a total of fourteen radio stations in what accounted for about a week’s given time, but come on! We’re young; we’re red hot. We’re going to climb every mountain; we’re going to sail every sea. Full disclosure.

Look, I want to be very upfront with people in a very woke kind of a state of mind if you are in that. If you are a believer in diversity, I support your right. If you subscribe to Gundog, then [you’re] on the other side of it; I support your rights, I support your options. I just want to be very upfront with you. I was sexually inappropriate with an entire generation.”

David Lee Roth’s candid and lively recollection of Van Halen’s glory days has definitely captured the attention of fans and the public alike. With his confession of being ‘sexually inappropriate with an entire generation,’ Roth reflected on not only the unbridled energy of their youth but also the unfiltered spirit of rock ‘n’ roll.