Steven Van Zandt Reacts To Bill Wyman’s ‘Brief’ Return To The Rolling Stones

In recent news, Bill Wyman joined the Rolling Stones in the studio to record in their upcoming tribute album to Charlie Watts. Upon seeing this reunion, Steven Van Zandt took to Twitter to share his thoughts, followed by his interactions with the fans under the post.

The guitarist retweeted the news of Wyman’s return and wrote:

“Bill Wyman is the most underrated bass player in rock history and was a huge, essential part of the totally unique sound of the early Rolling Stones.”

As a comment, one of his fans said:

“This is very exciting news. I just wish he was on every track instead of just one.”

Van Zandt replied:

I hear that.”

Someone else named another underrated musician:

“A good shout, but surely not more underrated than James Jamerson?

The E Street Band member clarified:

“Jamerson isn’t underrated by anybody. Ever. But session guys are a different category. A category which he is at the top of.”

Before his departure in 1993, the last Rolling Stones album featuring Bill Wyman on the bass was ‘Steel Wheels,’ released in 1989. He made a guest appearance with his former band during the Stones’ 50th-anniversary concerts in 2012, playing on the songs ‘It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll (But I Like It)’ and ‘Honky Tonk Women.’

The forthcoming album, slated for release this fall, will be the Stones’ first record since the covers album ‘Blue & Lonesome’ in 2016 and also the first one featuring original material since ‘A Bigger Bang,’ which hit the shelves in 2005. As reportedly before, it will include contributions from Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, too.

You can check out Van Zandt’s tweets below.