Bill Wyman Reportedly Rejoins The Rolling Stones To Commemorate Charlie Watts

Bill Wyman has reunited with his former band, Rolling Stones. The bassist, reportedly, will play in the band’s upcoming studio album, which will be a tribute to the late Rolling Stones drummer, Charlie Watts. An unnamed source, according to The Sun, told:

Bill hasn’t seen the band together for years, but always loved Charlie. This record’s really a tribute to Charlie, so he couldn’t say no. After ­several sessions in LA done about six months ago, Bill’s playing is going to feature on the record.”

The source added by mentioning the mood of the band:

“It was really nice for Mick, Keith and Ronnie Wood to be back in the studio remembering Charlie, and playing and singing to drum tracks that are being repurposed and woven into the album.”

The new studio album will include drum parts recorded by Watts, and it will be the band’s first studio record before he passed away due to throat cancer in August 2021.

A date for the upcoming album hasn’t been set yet. The band released their last studio album ‘Blue & Lonesome’ in 2016, winning Grammy Award for Best Traditional Blues Album in 2018 and being the band’s first Grammy in 23 years.