Arnel Pineda Reacts To Being Targeted For Journey’s Legacy

Arnel Pineda recently responded to a tweet accusing the singer of taking all the credit for Journey’s success. Pineda denied the criticism, firmly stating that the fan, without a doubt, didn’t know what kind of a person he was.

Things had heated up on the Journey fronts again when Neal Schon invited founding member Gregg Rolie to take the stage with the band on their 50th-anniversary tour. However, it was rumored that frontman Pineda and keyboardist Jonathan Cain weren’t fond of the idea, opposing a reunion with Rolie.

Cain’s relationship with Schon was already problematic, as the pair recently took their feud to the courts, filing lawsuits. However, Arnel hadn’t been commenting on the matter until Neal’s wife, Michaele Schon, pointed out on a Facebook post that the frontman and Cain should know their places since her husband recruited both into Journey.

Pineda then responded to Michaele by stating that if the band was tired of working with him, they could fire him anytime they wanted. The singer also continued by saying that he had paid all his dues, never forgot where he came from, and that he was only human, so he wouldn’t let anyone use him.

All these tweets and Facebook posts, like dominoes falling one by one, led to one particular fan tweet accusing the singer of taking the full credit for the band’s success. The ‘fan’ stated that the act had created major hits before Pineda was with them, and the singer was just a paid worker who got to where he was because of Journey.

The frontman’s response was brief as the vocalist remarked his surprise and noted that the fan, evidently, hadn’t read his previous tweets regarding being modest and genuine to his words, daring Schon to fire him. Pineda stated that the user had no idea what kind of a person he was, so making these accusations was easy.

The fan wrote:

“The band Journey, before Arnel Pineda, produced and wrote some serious hits! Legendary. Yes, Arnel Pineda, you signed the contract to work for them; it’s a job they paid you well, and had a time of your life! I could understand how you feel but don’t take all the credit, man.”

The rocker replied:

“Really? You obviously don’t read all my tweets and don’t know me that well.”

Journey’s fronts are as complex as ever since the band has often made headlines for various feuds and legal disputes between bandmates. For the time being, it’s unknown whether Schon will take a step back or take on Pineda’s ultimatum and look for another singer.

However, it seemed that Neal might have taken a decision after all, as the band’s drummer Dean Castronovo recently tweeted a picture with his bandmates, and the group photo lacked Arnel.