Twisted Sister Fans Can Hire Dee Snider As A Wedding Officiant


In his recent tweets, Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider gave the good news to his fans, who have been waiting to meet him in person for years, saying that couples can hire him if they want him to officiate their wedding.

Dee Snider, who is a person that likes keeping in touch with his fans, is a very active social media user. Snider always expresses his ideas and feelings about certain issues considering his personal life, career, and the other musicians he has worked with. Also, Snider regularly responds and reacts to his fans’ questions and comments.

Except for a few haters, Snider has been receiving positive and kind comments about his works and personality from his fans on social media. After a fan’s statement that claimed that Dee would be a good father, the singer said that he was performing a wedding ceremony in religious terms. Thus, it can be said that the follower’s guess about him was correct.

Then, Dee Snider revealed that he officiated his fans Teresa and Paulo Casanova’s wedding ceremony, which must have been pretty cool. He highlighted that the other couples, who want him to join their weddings, can hire him by contacting his management. Most of his fans got very excited and happy about this statement.

A follower’s comment read:

“Dee Snider would be a good father.”

Snider’s tweet read as follows:

“Actually, I’m performing a wedding ceremony today…

He added:

“Just officiated a wedding for a beautiful rock couple! What an amazing wedding! Congratulations to Teresa and Paulo Casanova! May you rock together and love each other forever! (Please do not try to hire me directly. Contact my management through my website as they did).”

You can check out the tweets below.

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