Alice Cooper Addresses The Artists Who Say ‘I Haven’t Written My Best Song Yet’

Alice Cooper, one of the most influential horror-themed rockstar revealed in an interview with Atlantic City Weekly that he doesn’t think that he released his best song yet.

Cooper is known and loved for his drastic performances on stage and doing things that no other person would think about doing. He is known for bringing guillotines, baby dolls, reptiles, and fake blood on stage. He was even accused of biting a living chicken’s head off on stage and drinking its blood once. The music journalists gave him the name ‘The Godfather of Shock Rock,’ and he has been known by the name ever since.

Aside from his extraordinary shows on stage, he also influenced the rock community with his musical talents and raspy voice. He was nominated for five Grammy awards with his band and won numerous awards from different outlets such as NME, and Kerrang! Cooper was given the title of ‘Living Legend’ in the Classic Rock Roll of Honour Awards.

As a rockstar that already received a lot of achievements, it is surprising to read that he hasn’t even produced his best work yet. In the interview, Cooper revealed that no artist, including the legends like The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, or Paul McCartney would say that they have produced their best work already. He added that it is the driving force of creating something better than before that keeps a musician going after reaching a certain level of success.

Here is what the rockstar fully said:

“This is what we do. Ask Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, or The Rolling Stones, and they will all tell you the same thing: It’s what we do. We write songs, we record songs, and we put them out. The Golden Age of selling records is gone. We were lucky enough to be in that era when we made all our money then. There is a big difference between having to tour and wanting to tour.

And that happens when you get to a certain financial stage where you just go, ‘Yeah, I could quit and not make any more records.’ But the artist in you says, ‘I haven’t written my best song yet. I haven’t done my shows yet.’ And that’s what keeps you going.”

After being asked if it’s possible to shock the audience anymore, he replied:

“You can’t shock audiences anymore. With what has gone on in the last 20 years in the world. I mean ISIS is really cutting people’s heads off. Whereas I am doing the guillotine on stage — it’s a trip. The joke I used to say was that I can shock an audience, I can cut my arm off on stage, but I can only do it twice!”

It is difficult for the singer not only to produce something better than his legendary songs such as ‘Poison,’ or ‘School’s Out,’ but it also got harder to surprise the audience at a live performance. The new generation has already seen many horrifying things on TV that they won’t be shocked with a little blood. Nevertheless, his fans are looking forward to seeing his future shows and songs to see how he will top his legendary performances.