Boy George On How He Ended Up Covering Yoko Ono With Sinéad O’Connor

In the new episode of Club Podcast, Boy George explained his relationship with the late Sinead O’Connor and how he ended up covering a Yoko Ono song with her.

While discussing the younger women in the music industry who passed away at earlier ages, such as Janis Joplin, Amy Winehouse, and O’Connor, the singer touched on his relationship with the ‘Nothing Compares 2 U’ singer.

The Duo’s Relationship

In his 2020 release, ‘This Is What I Dub,’ George paired with O’Connor to cover Ono’s ‘Death of Samantha.’ The track appeared as the last song in the album.

During the recent interview, the singer discussed the work of the two and expressed his admiration for her. Sharing his experience of working with O’Connor, he said:

“Sinead I worked with, so that was a different type of relationship. And also, we’re both Irish. I always loved her from the minute I set eyes on her, really, and kind of worked with her a couple of years ago. We did a cover of a Yoko Ono song called ‘Death of Samantha’ on the ‘[This Is What I Dub]’ record, and I got to come here, and she was hilarious, farting, burping.”

Boy George’s Love for Yoko Ono

Although Boy George seemed pleasant to have worked with O’Connor, it turns out that Yoko Ono was one of his favorite singers. In addition to his appreciation for the singer, George also earlier took place in the 2013 Meltdown Festival, curated by her.

George shared what he loves about Ono and named more musicians as his favorites:

“[I] love Yoko Ono. I mean, first of all, her lyrics are insane. I would say that a lot of my favorite singers, [Bob] Dylan, Yoko; that’s a weird one, no one picks Yoko, Leonard Cohen, Lou Reed even. They had a kind of lazy approach to singing.”

After O’Connor’s passing, Boy George performed ‘That’s The Way (I’m Only Trying To Help)‘ with Culture Club to pay tributes to the late singer.

Below, you can watch the recent interview.