Luke Hemmings Shares The Song 5SOS Won’t Ever Play Live Again

In a recent interview with Billboard, 5 Seconds of Summer (5SOS) opened up about their upcoming album and shared some intriguing insights about their live performances. During the interview, Luke Hemmings, the band’s lead vocalist, let fans in on a little secret about a song they’ll never play live again.

Last year, 5SOS held an unforgettable concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London, where they performed reimagined versions of their old songs. The energy of the venue and the love of their fans inspired the band to release a studio version of the performance, titled ‘The Feeling Of Falling Upwards – Live From The Royal Albert Hall.’ This album allowed fans to relive that magical night and appreciate the unique renditions of 5SOS’s classics.

In the interview, where he delved into the content of the album, Hemmings went on to discuss the significance of a particular song from that night. He revealed that it was an emotional experience for the band to play ‘Outer Space/Carry On’ on stage at the Royal Albert Hall and that they won’t ever play that song live again. The reason? Hemmings explained that they simply can’t replicate the incredible performance they delivered at the show.

In his own words, Hemmings shared:

“For some of the older songs [like ‘Outer Space/Carry On’], it was a bit emotional. We’ve played it live before, but not like this […] It really leveled up. That’s a song we don’t ever play live, and we probably won’t ever again because we won’t be able to play it as good as we did at the show.”

Although fans might feel a twinge of sadness knowing they won’t be able to witness ‘Outer Space/Carry On’ live in concert anymore, they can take comfort in knowing that the magic of that special performance and more at the Royal Albert Hall has been immortalized in ‘The Feeling Of Falling Upwards – Live From The Royal Albert Hall.’ As 5SOS continue to evolve and share their musical journey, fans can eagerly anticipate what new surprises and heart-stirring moments await them in the band’s upcoming album.