Adrian Vandenberg Claims David Coverdale Didn’t Pay Him Anything

Former Whitesnake guitarist Adrian Vandenberg recently appeared on Eonmusic to discuss his band Vanderberg’s upcoming album, earlier albums, Steve Vai, and such. While chatting about earlier albums and money, the guitarist revealed that David Coverdale couldn’t pay him any money during the creation of Whitesnake’s self-titled album. Vanderberg explained:

“David was a few million dollars in debt to his record company, and he basically didn’t have any money. Over the years, I have read in a couple of magazines, and people said, ‘Well, you made it. You stopped Vandenberg for the money,’ and I said, ‘No!’ because there was no money. David didn’t have any money, and he was honest about it.”

The guitarist then shared his initial reaction when Coverdale told him he wouldn’t be able to pay him anything:

“He said, ‘Sorry, man, I can’t pay you anything.’ I said, ‘I don’t care. I want to make great music together, and we’ll see how it goes. If we make great music, then we’re going to do well, and if not, at least we will make great music.’ That’s always been my attitude. I’ve never done anything for the money because if I did, I wouldn’t be as happy as I am.”

Coverdale was heavily in debt right before the creation of the self-titled album. After the band released the album, the frontman went from being on the edge of financial ruin to being ‘richer than ever‘ when he was in Deep Purple.

Whitesnake started their farewell tour last year, which had to pause due to Coverdale’s illness. Additionally, the drummer Tommy Aldridge also had to deal with an illness and the guitarist Reb Beach had missed several shows. It is now uncertain when the band will be back on the road.

While Whitesnake is on pause, Vandenberg is on tour and is set to release their new album ‘Sin’ on August 25. See the details here.