George Lynch Responds To Rumors About The Don Dokken Feud

Speaking to The Metal Voice recently, former Lynch Mob and Dokken guitarist George Lynch opened up about his feud with Don Dokkan, which has been talked about for years. Noting that he has no problem with those who feel like him, Lynch said:

“Well I’m not pointing any fingers that just generally human beings have a tendency, maybe to mimic the narrative. So you repeat a lie long enough it becomes the truth, not the truth . Listen I don’t have any problems with people, generally I am fine and I am also very forgiving if I do have problems with people, that is water under the bridge. Life is too short and too precious. I like people and I like making things work and fixing things. But not everybody feels the same way I do.”

On the other hand, when asked about Dokken’s guitarist Jon Levin’s guitar and tone of voice being similar to his, he replied:

“Somebody’s got to sound like me. I think that is the whole point of him, that is kind of what he is supposed to do. Insulting no. I feel it’s absolutely a compliment. I am not insulted by that.”

The Feud According To Don Dokken

Speaking to Brave Words in 2011, Dokken’s lead singer Don Dokken talked about his feud with George Lynch. Dokken says he found George Lynch’s aggressive attitude towards him frustrating and that he always stayed away from these attitudes. He states that his disagreements with George Lynch continued in 1983, but they performed together during this period and he said:

”We were then offered a tour with Blue Öyster Cult and Aldo Nova. It all sounded great, I was excited we would be playing in arenas but had reservations about George. We had never got along even.”

After Dokken, Lynch Mob Period

After parting ways with George Lynch Dokken, he formed the band Lynch Mob in 1989. The band, which had a big breakthrough with their debut album ‘Wicked Sensation,’ was awarded a gold certificate by the RIAA. Their new album ‘Babylon,’ released on October 20, is the first album since 2017’s ‘The Brotherhood’.