Rush’s Geddy Lee Details His Current Relationship With Alex Lifeson

During a recent interview with Classic Rock, Rush’s Geddy Lee opened up about his current relationship with his former bandmate, Alex Lifeson. The bassist revealed they still have a very close friendship.

Rush ended its career following the death of its legendary drummer, Neil Peart, in 2020. They confirmed right after his death that there was no possibility to continue without him. Rush left nineteen studio albums behind throughout their long-term career of nearly five decades. Maybe Rush ended now, but its remaining members, Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson have never broken their connection.

The two former bandmates, who performed in the same band for a long time, have remained good friends and frequently kept seeing each other. They have also never ruled out the possibility of working together on new music in the future, although they are busy with other works.

During a recent interview, Geddy Lee reflected on his relationship with Alex Lifeson and whether they are still close. The bassist revealed they recently had dinner together and had a delightful chat. They felt like they were in the early days of their friendship. They talked about everything and had a great time. Geddy Lee explained he doesn’t have any other friends like Lifeson, which will never change.

Geddy Lee speaking on his current relationship with Alex Lifeson:

“We recently went out to dinner, just the two of us, and we sat down, looked at each other, and did a high five. And it was just like I was sixteen again, driving my mother’s car with Al next to me. We were laughing in seconds. I don’t have another friend like that in my life. That’ll never change.”

Lee has been working on his upcoming memoir, which will arrive in the spring of 2023. The bassist also wrote another book, ‘The Big Beautiful Book of Bass,’ published in 2018. In addition to his writing career, Lee keeps himself busy with the ongoing reissue campaign of their previous catalog.