Justin Hawkins On Maroon 5 Profiting From His Harsh Criticism

Justin Hawkins shares his honest opinions about various music acts in the scene while giving an in-depth analysis of his observations. However, it turns out Maroon 5 used his criticism for their benefit. In a recent episode of his Justin Hawkins Rides Again series, Hawkins addressed this claim.

Last May, Justin Hawkins slammed Maroon 5 for their song ‘Moves Like Jagger.’ He argued that it’s a horrible song and that Adam Levine didn’t ‘move like Jagger’ but more like Mick’s elderly auntie. Hawkins then continued to criticize the contrast between Adam Levine’s and Mick Jagger’s dance moves.

In a more recent episode of his video series, Justin Hawkins praised Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine and his performance of Prince’s ‘Purple Rain.’ Saying he wasn’t pleased with Maroon 5’s shift toward pop music, Hawkins admitted he was a fan of their early work, such as ‘Songs About Jane.’

Justin Hawkins now claims that Maroon 5 demonetized the episode where he criticized ‘Moves Like Jagger.’ According to the musician, they actually profited from his criticism. Trying to stay unbiased, Hawkins then praised Maroon 5’s ‘This Love’ while continuing to stand behind his criticism of ‘Moves Like Jagger.’

Here is what Justin Hawkins said about Maroon 5:

“By the way, the last time I slagged off Maroon 5, they endeavored to demonetize my episode. So, every time that brilliant piece of work, when I was slagging off ‘Moves Like Jagger’ and saying that he does move like Jagger but, in fact, like * Jagger, Mick’s elderly auntie. They get the money for it, clever lads. As evidenced by the writing of this song, ‘This Love’ by Maroon 5 is an example of a band that knows how to write songs, laying the foundations to ask around and phone it in later.

This is a great song. There, I’ve said it. ‘This Love’ is a great song. What’s not a great song is ‘Moves Like Jagger.’ That is a terrible song. If you look at the lyrics, the structure of it, and the music scape, as a critic might put it, it’s in a different league. This was when they were good. You could hear that it’s a band playing; there’s a solid vocal that is not over-treated or overproduced. It’s pretty raw, actually, and it’s just really well written. ‘Moves Like Jagger,’ by comparison, is like a piece of sh*t.

Apparently, Justin Hawkins didn’t change his mind about Maroon 5’s ‘terrible song’ ‘Moves Like Jagger’ even though he claims the band profited from his video. He then praised Maroon 5’s early work, particularly the song ‘This Love,’ in an unbiased manner.