Jonathan Davis Names The Korn Song He Regrets

Korn lead singer Jonathan Davis named one of the band’s songs that he wanted to erase from history during his recent interview with Metal Hammer. Also, the musician shared why he wished the song was gone by highlighting that he’s got nothing against the singer with whom they teamed up.

Two years after ‘Life Is Peachy,’ Korn released their third studio album entitled ‘Follow the Leader’ on August 18, 1998, and the album got critical acclaim. The tracks hit the charts and became the most popular songs worldwide. Even though metalheads admired the whole record with its sounds and lyrics, one of the songs from ‘Follow the Leader’ drew significant attention from the journalists and other musicians at that time.

For ‘All in the Family,’ Korn collaborated with Limp Bizkit vocalist Fred Durst. It turned into a rhythm duel between two singers, including controversial statements about homophobia and incest. Following the release, the bands’ fans regarded it as a competition or feud between Durst and Davis. Later they stated that they didn’t have any problems and were just two drunk men trying to write a song and rap.

Therefore, it’s not surprising that Davis wished that Korn would have never released a song like ‘All in the Family,’ which was full of insulting words. The frontman defined it as the worst song ever, which he regretted creating and releasing, but Davis emphasized that it’s nothing about Fred Durst. Although Davis wanted to erase the track from people’s minds, it’s also an unforgettable memory for the musicians and fans.

Davis said in his interview that:

It’s the worst song ever. We were all drunk in the studio, and I was trying to rap. I’ve got nothing against Fred; it just sucks.”

You can check out the song below.