Lindsey Buckingham Confirms Working On A New Album As ‘His Health Has Returned’

Lindsey Buckingham has always loved overcoming challenges, and he was recently pleased to let his audience know that he has overcome the challenges with his health. Lindsey recently shared that he has been working on a new album as he addressed his canceled tour, disappointments, and new expectations from the future on Twitter.

“Although 2022 was certainly a positive year in many respects,” said Lindsey before addressing some of the challenges he had to endure, “it was also a year of loss and disappointment. The sad passing of several of my longtime soulmates has been profoundly heartbreaking.”

The rocker then mentioned how he had to cancel his tour due to some health problems. He continued, “A largely successful year of touring was unexpectedly cut short at the end due to challenges with my resolve to remain. The year’s polarity of positives and negatives has only strengthened my resolve to remain in the moment and continue moving forward.”

However, Lindsey was still delighted to share that his health had improved and that he has been working on a new album. The musician said, “Happily, my health has returned, and I’ve begun work on a new album. Thanks so much to everyone for your support. I’m looking forward to 2023 and beyond!”

These last few years have been tough for Lindsey, who was fired from Fleetwood Mac… again. Losing his former bandmate and friend, Christine McVie, was also challenging for him, and the guitarist had to cancel his European tour a few months ago. Nonetheless, although it has been a tough year for the guitarist, he still sounded hopeful about 2023 and everything it will bring, including a new record.