Brian May Calls Out Fans To Join His Army And Fight For Him


Queen lead guitarist Brian May posted a video to invite his fans to join his new army called ‘Bri Army’ on his official Instagram account. Also, he stated that he will need an army to release another hit album and to go back to the good old days of ‘Back To The Light.’

Brian May recently begun his new project called ‘Brian May Gold Series’ with which he will rerelease his greatest hits. The project’s first hit became May’s debut solo studio album ‘Back to the Light’ that was initially released on September 28, 1992. The reissue of ‘Back to the Light’ will be available to purchase on August 6, 2021, but everyone can pre-order right now.

In addition to that, during a previous interview, May had revealed that the reissue of the next album or song was ready to be released as a part of the ‘Brian May Gold Series’ when he announced the rerelease of ‘Back to the Light.’ He had also stated that he has been working on the new records with Adam Lambert. However, they soon realized that it was hard to adapt to the changes in the music industry and thus decided not to release anything until they produced the right song.

As it can be understood from his previous statements and his recent Instagram post, Brian May considers releasing a hit album a tough task, bearing in mind the situation of contemporary music. Therefore, he shared a fan’s video to call out his fans to join ‘Bri Army’ to produce new hits together to make fun of his current situation. He added that he will give free Brian May t-shirts to his ‘soldiers’ who will volunteer for this duty.

May’s Instagram post was written like that:

“It’s true! This can only be driven by you folks! I can’t get a hit album on my own. What I need is an army! And a pyramid scheme! Haha! Later today I’ll post a message from my recruiting officer with details of how to sign up for the Bri-Army – if you’re up for this adventure/campaign/thrust!

And – by the way – anyone who has put up with the bothersome business of signing up gets a reward – the option to get this T-shirt – special offer zero profit dirt cheap. After all, by wearing it, you’re fighting for Bri – and for us all to get ‘Back to the Light!’ Ok – I’ll stop shouting now… Bri. Video capture by Sally Avery-Frost.”

You can watch the video below.