Queen’s Brian May Releases The New Version Of ‘Too Much Love Will Kill You’ Music Video


Queen guitarist and co-founder Brian May announced the release of the remastered version of his ‘Too Much Love Will Kill You’ music video.

‘Too Much Love Will Kill You’ is the second single from Brian’s debut solo album, ‘Back To The Light,’ which was released back in 1992. Also, this song was re-recorded by Queen with the vocals of Freddie Mercury.

Earlier this month, Brian announced that he will release a reissued version of his debut album on August 6, which is also featuring a second disc with some bonus tracks titled ‘Out of the Light,’ ‘Driven by You Two,’ the guitar version of ‘Just One Life,’ and more.

Today, Brian released the remastered version of the ‘Too Much Love Will Kill You’ music video via his YouTube account and said that it will be the first time that anybody has seen this shiny new version of this music video.

Furthermore, Brian also thrilled his fans by saying that he will release an unseen music video after the launch of the reissued version of ‘Back To The Light.’ According to the rockstar, it will include big surprises. However, he didn’t give any further details about the upcoming project.

Brian May on the new music video:

“Hi folks – and I salute you, wonderful new recruits to the Bri Army (we are now 10,000 strong – I can hardly believe it!) here’s a snippet. 24 hours from now this 3rd ‘Instant Grat’ track will go up in full on my YouTube channel. This is all new to me…

But the way it works is that if you pre-order the album now, you don’t have to wait for this track, plus the other two which have already appeared on YouTube. At the end of all this, after the launch on August 6, I will be heading into revealing the final video, which is new, and has some big surprises in it.

This video for ‘Too Much Love Will Kill You’ was made at the time of the release of the track 29 years ago, but it has now had a nice bit of uprezzing and a polish, so it will be the first time that anybody has seen this shiny new version, tomorrow night at midnight UK time.”

You can check out the video below.