Rod Stewart Gives A Health Update After Sudden Show Cancelation

Rod Stewart abruptly cancelled his recent concert in Saskatoon. From his IG page, Sir Rod shared a video of him explaining what happened and apologising profusely. In the caption, he wrote:

“My dear friends in Saskatoon, so sorry I couldn’t turn up the other night. Hopefully I can come back another day. I’m healthy now and moving on to Ottawa, thank you to Cheap Trick for carrying the show.”

In the video, he mentioned the sudden health issue he had regarding his voice, and he also mentioned Cheap Trick, who filled in for Stewart:

“My dear friends in Saskatoon, so sorry I couldn’t turn up the other night. Let me tell you what happened. I was warming my voice up an hour before I went on stage, and it just went. Doctor said it happens sometimes, it’s like cramp or bruise or something. But I’m so sorry I didn’t make it. I was there. So now, I’m healthy, I’m moving on to Ottawa, and I’d like to thank Cheap Trick for carrying the show. Hopefully I’ll come back to see you another day. My deepest, deepest apologies.”

This isn’t the first time Rod Stewart cancelled his Saskatoon shows. In September 2022, he postponed 6 of his concerts to August 2023, almost a year later. Some of the fans brought up their disappointment online. One Reddit user wrote:

“I just shook my head in disbelief when they announced it. It was bad enough that the concert had already been pushed back 11 months from last September. We also heard some boos when they made the second announcement and it sank in that the cancellation was real. Understandable, but still disappointing. On the plus side, we hopefully saw (most of) a free Cheap Trick concert.”

You can find the IG post here.