Korn Guitarist Brian Head Welch Loves Pop Music, And Here’s His Explanation

Korn guitarist Brian Head Welch spoke in a recent interview with TruthSeekah and revealed his honest opinion about pop music as a metalhead.

As you might already know, Brian formed a band in 2012, named Love And Death, and it was a re-branding of Brian’s solo career. With this band, Brian released a cover from famous pop singer Justin Bieber, Let Me Love You.

In the conversation, Brian mentioned that he really loves pop music even though he doesn’t listen to it frequently and said that they have actually really great and talented writers.

As he pointed out that some of them really cheesy songs, Brian also said that you can hear lots of great songs from them and imagine how good they could be if they are not pop songs.

Here is what Brian Welch said:

“I just love pop music, I don’t always listen to it, but some pop music is just really written well because there are just these really talented writers, whether it’s like that Max Martin dude or whatever, just all kinds of talented people.

Sometimes they’re cheesy, of course, but you can hear in the skeleton or in the foundation, you can hear like a good song and just be like, ‘Man, if that wasn’t so pop, that would’ve been amazing.’

‘Let Me Love You’ was one of those, it moved me back when I heard it. I remember hearing it – it’s the DJ Snake song featuring Justin Bieber – and the melodies blend so well.”

He continued:

“I forget what part of the song that got me was – when he drops down right there, I just love melody, I’ve always just loved melody since I was a kid.

And so – it wasn’t even my idea, though. My other guitar player who sang mostly on that song, J.R., sent me a demo version of it, and I was just like, ‘Dude, yes, 100 percent.’

And I had a vision of a female singer immediately, and that was like two years or more before the album came out, so yeah.”

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