Alex Turner Compares Arctic Monkeys’ Early Days To Now

Arctic Monkeys gained fame during the early years of their career but reached a broader audience with their ‘AM’ album with hits like ‘Do I Wanna Know‘ and ‘R U Mine?.’ Even though the band had already built a fanbase with their first records, their popularity increased throughout the years. The lead singer Alex Turner recently compared their earlier works to their current ones while speaking to NME.

“When I think back to earlier times, I feel like we were just running on instinct, creative decisions included,” said Turner. “I mean, like, first and foremost, we didn’t really know how to play our instruments at the start. But beyond that, I don’t really think that much within the band has changed a great deal; we might know a few more tricks, but we’re still rolling on that very same instinct.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Turner talked about Arctic Monkeys’ new album ‘The Car,’ saying, “Around the last album, the big story was like, ‘Wow, he’s got a piano,’ which was true to an extent, but I wonder now looking at it, that it was this thing that I now do – recording ideas as you go – that got me going.”

Alex Turner has been talking about the band’s new album since they recently released ‘The Car.’ The musician previously spoke about the beginning of Arctic Monkeys’ career and said their early records were a bit floppy since they were trying to figure out their sound as a band.

Now that years have passed, the band has the same intuitive creation process but with a little more experience. As their lead singer has mentioned during multiple conversations, Arctic Monkeys have stayed true to their musical instinct from the beginning of their career, and fans can see for themselves by comparing their most recent and first records.

You can listen to the band’s first and latest album below.