Alex Turner Addresses The Problem In Arctic Monkeys’ Early Records

The Arctic Monkeys have always experimented with their style, and this constant search for a unique sound led them to find a more mature and mindful one with each new release. As the band just dropped their seventh album, ‘The Car,’ the leather-jacketed frontman, Alex Turner, recently recalled the band’s earlier days in an interview with Alternative Press.

When the indie-rock band from the suburbs of Sheffield dropped their debut album, the hype in the UK foreshadowed their later worldwide success. This album showed how witty they were in terms of lyrical content and reflected their creative musical experimentation. Their second album was similar in content but marked an improvement in terms of maturity.

“They’re all over the place when I think about them now,” admitted Alex Turner, remembering their first two studio albums. “It’s fast, and everything is just done really quickly and kind of reaching all over the place to figure out where it’s going.”

He continued by speaking about their new album and said, “The way the project was put together this time was not unlike what, in my mind, I imagine making a movie might be like. Obviously, I have no idea what that’s actually like, but there was a longer post-production period in this, trying to take a lot more care of how everything fits together; the space and the dynamics within it. Making it a thing that works from start to finish. It isn’t like I haven’t been trying to do all along.”

Explaining that they knew very well what they wanted to do in their last album from the very beginning, the frontman stated that they took all the steps in the production process of the album with this confidence, and for this very reason, they knew exactly how to bring the different parts of the album together.

You can check out Arctic Monkeys’ new album on Spotify below.