Alex Lifeson On How He Rediscovered His Creativity After Rush

The guitarist Alex Lifeson recently talked about his music career with Rush and Envy Of None in the course of a conversation with Classic Rock. Lifeson revealed that he discovered his creative side again after Rush’s final show.

Following the passing of drummer Neil Peart in 2020, Rush members decided to end up performing together. Alex Lifeson has focused on his solo career and contributed to the other bands’ works. He established Envy of None during this period with Andy Curran, Maiah Wynne, and Alfio Annibalini.

Envy of None’s debut album, released on April 8, 2022, includes Lifeson’s previous tracks ‘Kabul Blues,’ ‘Spy House,’ and ‘Liar.’ The album also included a tribute song for Neil Peart named ‘Western Sunset’ with a particular story behind it. In a previous interview, Lifeson mentioned that he had written the songs before the establishment of Envy of None after the last Rush tour in 2015. As the musician stated, Envy Of None was an excellent opportunity for him to share his own creations.

Recently, Lifeson explained during a conversation another opportunity the band gave him. The guitarist stated that he widened his horizon with this band, and his life started to go in a new direction. As Lifeson revealed, he felt so creative that it was exciting to continue working and creating with the band members.

Alex Lifeson talked about continuing with Envy Of None after Rush:

“My horizon has suddenly opened up, and it’s all sparkly. I’m going in such a great direction at what I think of as this late stage in my life. I feel so creative; I can still play and translate what’s up in my head to my hand. It’s just so exciting for me at this point to be with other musicians and have a ball writing music.”

Unfortunately, with the passing of Neil Peart, the remaining members of Rush stopped performing together. The guitarist Alex Lifeson has focused on his solo career since that time and founded Envy Of None. Lifeson noted that thanks to this group, he had a chance to rediscover his creative side after Rush.