Envy Of None Bassist Tells The Story Of Alex Lifeson Song Written For Neil Peart


Envy of None bassist Andy Curran recently joined Montreal Rocks for an interview during which he remembered the time Alex Lifeson wrote a song for late Rush drummer Neil Peart.

Rush drummer Neil Peart passed away due to brain cancer at 67 on January 7, 2020. This heartbreaking news strengthened Lifeson’s thoughts about Rush’s end. Therefore, the musician closed the doors for a reunion. Following the definite ending of the band, Lifeson continued his music career and formed his band Envy Of None in 2021.

Envy Of None consists of Alex Lifeson, Andy Curran, Maiah Wynne, and Alfio Annibalini. Their upcoming debut album includes Lifeson’s previous releases ‘Kabul Blues,’ ‘Spy House,’ and the single ‘Liar.’ The record is set to be released on April 8 and features a tribute song to Neil Peart, titled ‘Western Sunset.’

In a recent interview with Montreal Rocks, bassist Andy Curran revealed the story behind ‘Western Sunset.’ He stated that Geddy Lee and Lifeson were spending so much time with Peart when he was sick. According to Curran, Lifeson told him he and Peart were overlooking the ocean at Peart’s house at one time and spending a good time together.

Moreover, Curran stated that Lifeson told this story to Maiah Wynne, their singer, and she tried to write lyrics about it for ‘Western Sunset.’ However, in the end, they agreed that the song would be best as an instrumental, and Lifeson decided to close the album with it.

In the interview with Montreal Rocks, Andy Curran recalled the following:

“Alex and Geddy, knowing that Neil had been sick for quite some time, the world didn’t know this for probably about three years, where the little family group of SRO/Anthem knew that Neil had this terminal sickness. So Geddy and Alex, myself not so much, I went down a couple of times to see Neil in California, but those guys were going down there quite a lot.

So, on this one particular visit, Alex told me he was out on at Neil’s house in Santa Monica, and they were on the balcony, and they were overlooking the ocean. They were laughing and giggling and probably smoking joints and drinking whiskey, which they always loved to do. “

He then continued:

“So he walked away with that moment, as a very special moment where he was with his buddy that he didn’t know how long was going to be around for they were having some laughs on the balcony and just the sun was setting in the West. And he was in Santa Monica.

He told that to Maiah, and I had never heard that story before. She tried to write lyrics for it, and they both agreed at the end that it would be best served as an instrumental. It just wasn’t coming out how they wanted it to be, and then Alex came up with a great idea to close the record with it.”

You can watch the full interview below.