Rush Guitarist Alex Lifeson Releases New Solo Songs ‘Kabul Blues’ And ’Spy House’

According to a tweet posted on Rush‘s official Twitter account and an announcement on their official website, the band’s guitarist Alex Lifeson releases brand new songs titled ‘Kabul Blues’ and ‘Spy House.’

Rush has ended their musical career after their R40 tour in 2015, following the Clockwork Angels Tour supporting their same-titled album on September 7, 2012. One year after the death of the drummer Neil Peart on January 7, 2020, Geddy Lee also confirmed to Rolling Stone that Rush was over and it was impossible to continue without Peart. However, in an interview with Make Weird Music in January 2021, Lifeson said that he and Lee were talking about making new music together.

Recently, an announcement by Rush’s official Twitter account which links to their website revealed that Alex Lifeson has released two new instrumental tracks named ‘Kabul Blues’ and ‘Spy House.’ Lifeson is joined by Andy Curran on bass guitar and David Steinberg on drums for the two songs. The tracks are his first music releases since the release of ‘Clockwork Angels’ by Rush in 2012.

The announcement also stated that Lifeson has partnered with the guitar brand Epiphone for the debut of the Alex Lifeson Epiphone Les Paul Standard Guitar which is available at $899. Lifeson’s new solo songs were also released to promote his collaboration with Epiphone and are featured in the video ‘Alex Lifeson & Gibson: A 50 Year Ride’.

Here is what Lifeson said considering the brand new guitar:

“The introduction of the Epiphone Alex Lifeson Axcess model based on my Gibson Les Paul Axcess model has all the same attributes and characteristics that I desired so much when we originally designed it. The look, the sound, the playability, and the utility – it’s all there for the player at any level. I’m very proud of this guitar.”

You can check out the tweet and the video in which the songs were featured below.