Alex Lifeson Explains How He Decided To Make Solo Songs After The Last Rush Tour

During a recent interview with 101 WRIF’s Steve Black, former Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson explained the formation of Envy of None. The rocker also talked about releasing his solo songs after their tour ended in 2015.

After Rush drummer Neil Peart passed away because of brain cancer in 2020, the band decided to end performing together. While Alex Lifeson continued to play for other bands, he founded his band called Envy of None, including Andy Curran, Maiah Wynne, and Alfio Annibalini. Envy of None’s debut album includes Lifeson’s previous songs, ‘Kabul Blues,’ ‘Spy House,’ and ‘Liar,’ which will release on April 8, 2022.

In a previous interview, Envy of None’s bassist Andy Curran mentioned that the song ‘Western Sunset’ from the upcoming album was a tribute song to Neil Peart. Curran explained that a particular memory created this instrumental song Lifeson shared with them. The musician told the band members about when he visited Peart and how they spent a good time together looking at the ocean at Peart’s house.

In a recent interview, Alex Lifeson explained that he had already written his solo songs after the Rush tour ended in 2015. He wanted to continue writing and creating pieces even if they disbanded. Lifeson talked about when Andy Curran reached out to him to ask if he wanted to create new works. According to Lifeson, the Envy of None project was an excellent opportunity to share his already created songs. He added that the songs remained in their original form without any changes.

Alex Lifeson explained the creation of his songs:

“Those songs were written before Envy of None. In fact, I started writing those in 2016 after the Rush tour ended in 2015. I just wanted to keep my fingers limber and continue writing and just not get rusty. When this came along, when Andy got in touch with me and asked if I would play on some of the ideas that he had, those songs were already written.

I thought I would not know what was going to happen with this project, with the Envy of None project. I thought it would be great to share those songs. So I used them in an Epiphone video that I did, as well as I put them on my website for just casual listening. Those were the original versions recorded back then and stayed that way.”

You can watch the whole interview below.