Travis Barker Responds To Rumors About Causing A Fight In The Kardashian Family

Blink-182’s Travis Barker recently addressed the rumors about his role in the Kardashian sisters’ feud in a new conversation with the Los Angeles Times.

It is rumored that Barker’s past crush on Kim Kardashian, which he disclosed in his 2016 memoir, is connected to the present-day relationship between Kim and Kourtney. Responding to that, the drummer said:

“You give people a little information, and they think they’ve solved the mystery of ‘this is why they’re fighting.’ It’s just so ridiculous.”

Barker’s Past Attraction To Kim Kardashian

Travis expressed in his book that Kim was incredibly attractive, and he discreetly admired her, even though he was in a relationship with Paris Hilton at that time. Giving more context to his words, the rocker added:

“It’s like, ‘Kourtney’s fans are worried about Travis. He’s a womanizer.’ Stop it. I obviously shared all that stuff because I wanted to move past it. It was therapeutic for me.”

Kourtney’s Lack Of Concern On The Issue

In the later part of the chat, Barker, who married Kourtney in three separate ceremonies the previous year, emphasized that Kourtney is aware that he and Kim used to have conversations, but there was nothing inappropriate happening. The drummer explained:

“That’s her sister. She knows we used to talk. Nothing bad was going on.”

Barker also clarified that Kourtney is not upset about his previous remarks concerning her sister. Still, the fight between Kourtney and Kim has been going on for two seasons of ‘The Kardashians.’ It began when Kim took a job directing a Dolce & Gabbana fashion show shortly after Kourtney’s wedding to Travis. Kourtney accused Kim of being self-centered, saying Kim wanted what belonged to her.

Insights Into The Family’s Opinion On Barker

Kim argued that Kourtney had changed, and their friends and family even discussed it privately. However, the real reason behind their ongoing feud has more to do with Travis than anything related to the wedding outfits. An insider recently disclosed to Life & Style:

“While there’s been tension for years, the heart of the matter is the family doesn’t really like Travis. Some of them tolerate him more than others, and some are less outspoken, but they all share an opinion that Kourtney is not the same person since getting together with Travis, and they don’t like it.”

The insider also added that Kim thinks that Travis has been gradually distancing Kourtney from their family and influencing her to have negative feelings toward them.