When Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler Confessed His Biggest Regret


Aerosmith’s iconic lead singer Steven Tyler has been through in the public eye since the beginning of his successful career. Aerosmith quickly climbed the ladders of fame after its formation in 1970 and became regarded as ‘America’s Greatest Rock and Roll Band.’ Their musical success allowed the members to adapt to the classic rock and roll lifestyle, which forever affected their lives.

There was a time when Steven Tyler got lost in the depths of this lifestyle. When he fell in love with his first wife, Cryinda, and had their daughter Mia Tyler in 1978, Steven abandoned them in his lake house to go off on tours and get sucked into the rock and roll lifestyle once again.

Throughout his career, he was known to have struggled with alcohol and drug addiction, and he couldn’t quite battle it at the time. He became a symbol of wild life, teenage rebellion, and sex, as he often hung out with groupies even though he had girlfriends or a wife at the time. This lifestyle and the catastrophic effects still haunt the iconic singer to this day.

What Does Steven Tyler Regret The Most?


Before having Mia with Cyrinda, Steven had a brief relationship with Bebe Buell, and she became pregnant with the now successful Holywood actress Liv Tyler. However, Bebe claimed that Liv was the biological child of Todd Rundgren and hid from her daughter that she was actually Steven’s child. Ultimately, Liv found that out when she was nine years old. While Liv was going through a parental crisis, Steven had abandoned his younger daughter Mia and her mother.

Tyler later admitted his carelessness and irresponsibility and blamed it on drugs. Even though he accepted that what he did was wrong and said he tried to live with it, he still had deep regrets. He opened up about this subject in detail during an interview with Oprah in 2012. The singer told the lengthy story about how much he loved both of the mothers of his children, and how much he regretted leaving Cyrinda and Mia.

Here is the story told by Steven Tyler:

“I wanted the dream. I knew I could get anything as long as I could imagine it, and I saw a picket fence and a lake, just all of it. When I brought my first wife, Cyrinda here, it was a freezing cold January. Brought her in the Jeep out here to this house, the lake was frozen. I pulled up like this the lights were out. Moon.

Drove all the way out here, and I went, ‘okay, open your eyes.’ Actually, her eyes were closed all the way to here. I said, ‘close your eyes,’ and I turned the lights on, I said, ‘now open them,’ and here was the house and I married her, and we had Mia, and then I abandoned them.

I left them up here in this house. You know not the happiest person about that. I talked to them about it a lot because I really haven’t forgiven myself. Because I’m a realist, I know what I did regardless of whether I was on drugs, a lot of people have told me, ‘that’s okay.’ I hear them, I get it, but a piece of my heart’s still broken that I did that to her.”

He continued to state that he didn’t know better:

“I think that’s why I’m so shameful about it because ‘me’ that you’re looking at now knows better. Oh yeah, I know better. I went out on tour, and I wasn’t getting along with her mom. It was so wrong, and I once thought that it was so cool. It was so wrong.”

And finally, he talked about how magical their relationship was:

“I had them, but obviously the drugs got in the way, that the lifestyle got in the way, and then Liv. I was with Bebe, she was my girlfriend, and don’t get me wrong, every one of those girls I loved dearly. When we made love, we cried. After that, we had a kid. When it was that heavy, it was magic. It had never happened, stabbing ins like that… never crying as you climax.

That’s something I never told. I don’t think I even told the book, I never told anybody that was it’s those four times. I was like, ‘that was something.’ Then we had a baby. The babies were born, and Liv, it was beyond love. I was irresponsible. I just hate thinking about myself, as that hurts right now. I get it. I see the picture yeah, I can own it. It just still hurts.”

You can watch the full confession below.