Steve Morse On Deep Purple’s Apathy Towards His Emergency Departure

Steve Morse recently discussed how Deep Purple carried on without him quickly, why he had to leave, and the perks of balancing his professional and personal life during a chat with Beaver County Times.

The guitarist left Deep Purple almost a year ago, and it seemed that Steve felt his decision to separate ways didn’t affect his bandmates much, stating how the band moved on in the blink of an eye while suggesting they remained apathetic and indifferent to the tough circumstances he was in.

Morse on why he had to leave and the act carried on unaffected:

“I quit Purple because the tours were too long, and we had a health emergency in my family with my wife having Stage 4 cancer. I told those guys, ‘I can’t do this,’ and they were upset for like three to four seconds and then moved on. That’s life, and I wish them well, and they’re doing great.”

The rocker then continued by discussing how he formed a new-found balance between his professional and personal life through his solo act, Steve Morse Band, and shared the formula to co-exist as an artist and a health advocate for his wife.

Steve on establishing balance through his solo band:

“I had always been told that we couldn’t do weekends only. That it just wouldn’t be possible to pay everybody and not be paying out of pocket to play. However, when we did the math with three people, it was possible in many cases to make it work. [And the] reason for the short length is so I can be home 90 percent of the time and possibly drag my wife with me and line up all the medical appointments and everything.

The idea was to make it possible so I could play some shows and not feel like I’m shortchanging what I could really help with by being home. It has made a huge difference in being a medical advocate through all the crazy stuff that’s happened and the surgeries and complications. There’s so much to do with that.”

While Steve Morse seemed to have also moved on from his former act, it felt that the rocker thought Deep Purple limited his ability to co-exist as an artist and a husband, so he had to leave. However, Morse is not the only former Purple member to think the act had been limiting them, as you can check out how David Coverdale thought the band got in the way of his creative abilities.