Simon Gallup Rejoins The Cure

Bass guitarist Simon Gallup announced his return to The Cure by replying to a fan’s question via his official Facebook account.

The tension between The Cure and Simon started when he first left the band in 1982 after frontman Robert Smith threw the drumsticks at his friend. Two years after his departure, the bassist reunited with the band. Even though there haven’t been any conflicts between the band members since then, Simon made a shocking statement in August 2021.

The musician exclaimed that he was fed up with betrayal and announced his decision to leave the band once again. Even though Gallup announced his departure with a shocking message, he deleted the post a few days later. Since then, the community has been wondering if he is back to the band or not.

Yesterday, one of the fans asked Simon if he is still a member of The Cure or not, and Simon confirmed his return to the band once again by saying that he is still a member of the band, two months after his departure statement.

One of the fans asked:

“Is Simon still a member of The Cure?”

Simon Gallup replied:

“Yes I am.”

You can check out the conversation below.

Photo Credit: Simon Gallup – Facebook