Mick Fleetwood Thinks Christine McVie Tribute Was Double-Edged

Mick Fleetwood’s bond with Christine McVie undoubtedly went beyond only being fellow bandmates, as the drummer had often remarked on the pair’s close friendship. So, while chatting with E! News on the red carpet before the Grammys, Fleetwood discussed how pleased he was to pay homage to his late friend, though he also noted how it was a double-edged sword.

The musician had previously shut the door on any possible Fleetwood Mac reunion out of respect for McVie. However, he saw it fit to pay tribute to his late bandmate by taking the stage alongside Sheryl Crow and Bonnie Raitt. So, when he was asked about the performance, the drummer started by saying it was a great honor to take the stage alongside Sherryl and Bonnie.

For him, the performance would emphasize how much Christine meant to him, his Fleetwood Mac bandmates, and their families. Mick also raised a question someone asked him regarding what McVie would think about the tribute and joked that she would make a lot of fuss upon seeing the emotional show.

However, he was happy to make a fuss about honoring the late musician’s memory, though, it was a double-edged sword as they were there to celebrate McVie’s life but still had the sadness of losing her. Still, it meant a lot to the drummer to do the tribute and honor the late Fleetwood Mac icon’s memory.

Fleetwood on paying tribute to Christine McVie and why the show was a double-edged sword:

“Well, first of all, having Sherly and Bonnie, Bonnie Raitt, singing this beautiful song. I think all of us, collectively, are here representing Christine. What she meant as a person, in Fleetwood Mac, and, of course, personally to the band members and me. And a lot of other family members.

Outside of that, I think it’s a moment to accolade the wonder of a hugely talented, lovely, unsuspecting lady known as Christine McVie. Someone asked me what she would think about this whole thing. She was a northern country girl. So, I think a lot of fuss.

But we’re really happy to be making a fuss of her. It’s double-edged. It comes with a celebration and a quiet prayer that contains some sadness of loss. But having it be able to come to life with this lovely lady here and Bonnie is a beautiful thing for me to see happen.”

It’s evident how much Christine McVie meant to Mick Fleetwood. So, he was pleased to have the opportunity to take the stage and celebrate the late musician’s memory. However, it didn’t mean that this celebration had eased their pain of losing her, so the tribute was a double-edged sword. Still, the rocker was glad to be doing it.