AC/DC Announces New Project After ‘Triumphant Return To The Stage’

AC/DC is set to make their stage comeback after a seven-year hiatus at the Power Trip Festival in Indio, California, on Saturday, October 6. The band is also launching a new project to celebrate this special event, as they revealed on their official website.

The band said in their statement:

“After seven years, AC/DC celebrates their triumphant return to the stage at Power Trip Festival in Indio, CA on Saturday, October 7. In tandem with their anxiously awaited headline festival appearance, the band launches an exclusive AC/DC High Voltage Dive Bar in Indio, California, 10 minutes from the Power Trip festival.”

The band also announced what dates and hours it would be open and what would be inside:

“The bar is located at 82971 Bliss Ave in Indio, CA, and will be open daily from October 5 through October 8 from 11:00 am until 10:00 pm. It’s the ultimate way to connect and plug in with fellow AC/DC fans over the weekend and check out iconic AC/DC props and exclusive merch.”

Additionally, at the dive bar, visitors can enjoy a beer garden, a tattoo lounge, local food trucks, and a raffle where they could win either a Gibson SG Guitar or a Gretsch Malcolm Young Signature Jet.

It is known that the AC/DC singer Brian Johnson had been struggling with hearing loss and had to temporarily step away from the band to seek treatment and recover. However, he has been doing well enough to perform, as Greg Billings shared an update on Johnson’s health condition in a recent appearance on AC/DC Beyond the Thunder, saying:

“I just spent the week with Brian, and he’s all excited about the Power Trip show. He’s been getting in shape. He’s so fired up. They’re going to rehearse for five weeks doing nothing but playing.”

Despite releasing their latest album, ‘Power Up,’ three years ago, AC/DC’s headline performance at the Power Trip Festival marks their first live appearance together in seven years. The festival will also feature several other rock icons over the weekend, including Guns N’ Roses, Metallica, and Iron Maiden.

You can watch the video they shared on their website here.