Ted Nugent Says Ukraine Government Is Corrupt And Putin Is A Monster

Amid Russia’s attack on Ukraine, rock veteran Ted Nugent revealed his opinions on the attitude of the Americans in a recent appearance on ‘Eric Bolling The Balance’ on Newsmax. The musician compared the United States’ citizens’ attitude towards guns regarding their country and Ukraine.

Almost a month ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin began an attack on the cities of Ukraine with firearms. Putin’s desire to take control of the country faces backlash from Ukraine and the entire NATO members worldwide. While there wasn’t much done in terms of helping Ukraine fight, the United States applied sanctions, along with other European countries, and condemned the war.

Perhaps the most significant help the countries provided for Ukrainian citizens was to harbor those fleeing from the country. Thousands of inhabitants crossed the borders to neighboring countries to seek shelter, and Europe gladly let them in. Many celebrities showed their disapproval of the war and collected money for the benefit of Ukrainian refugees.

Ted Nugent recently spoke about America and stated that Putin is amonster.’ He also claimed that the government of Ukraine is corrupt. Still, everybody is currently praying for Ukraine’s innocent citizens. The musician also compared Americans who condemn gun rights in their country while supporting the gun supply to Ukrain, although there’s a war that makes weapons obligatory.

After briefly revealing these two opinions, he stated his frustration over not securing the borders of America and letting in drugs and his disbelief over how the citizens of America are against guns but are okay with the distribution of them in Ukraine. Moreover, the rocker stated that drugs kill more Americans than Ukrainians dying due to war.

Nugent’s recent opinions on politics read:

“So, America is so pissed off right now, their frustration level and pain and suffering are palpable. But number one, everybody’s praying for the innocent citizens in Ukraine. We know that the Ukraine government is corrupt, and we know that Putin is a monster. Still, mostly, I have to tell you, Eric, as concerned as we are about those innocent victims over there, we are just aghast that we don’t secure our borders, that we don’t stop the flow of fentanyl into our country, killing more Americans than there are Ukrainians dying.

That the anti-gun people in this country are going berserk trying to disarm Americans while they celebrate the distribution of Kalashnikov machine guns to the people of Ukraine. They literally can’t have it both ways, but they’re so dishonest, so corrupt, so out of their minds and soulless that it’s really exposing them to what used to be the middle ground. The moderates in America, they’re starting to see the level of indecency and hypocrisy and dishonesty and abuse of power by our own government.”

You can watch the full interview below.