Brian May Announces The Screening Of Queen + Paul Rodgers Live To Support Ukraine

Queen lead guitarist Brian May recently announced that they would soon be live streaming his band and Paul Rogers’ 2008 Live show in Ukraine. The money raised will go to the UN refugee agency to help those running away from the current hot war in Ukraine.

President Vladimir Putin’s government launched fire attacks on its neighbor country Ukraine almost a month ago. While it was claimed that civilians weren’t targetted, the country’s inhabitants got the most damage from these attacks as in every war. While some people were lucky enough to flee to neighboring countries on foot, there are still civilians stuck in bunkers, waiting for the war to be over soon.

The entire continent of Europe and NATO members stood together against the Russian government, and some applied sanctions. The countries also agreed to take in refugees without much hustle to be helpful. Hence, many celebrities worldwide stated that they stood with Ukraine and condemned Putin’s decision to attack a country with fire, during which many innocent people lost their lives and homes.

In 2008, Queen was performing with Paul Rodgers in the front, and they had taken the stage in Kharkiv, Ukraine, for their Rock the Cosmos Tour. Recently, Brian May announced that they would be live streaming this show on YouTube and collecting money to benefit the refugees escaping from the war. Known as a band that gladly works for benefit concerts, Queen didn’t surprise their fans with this decision that may inspire other bands to raise money for civilians.

Here is what the announcement said:

“Queen + Paul Rodgers. Come back Saturday 19th March 10 AM PDT / 1 PM EDT / 5 PM GMT for the special YouTube Premiere Screening of Queen + Paul Rodgers: Live in Ukraine 2008. Special online showing raising funds for Ukraine relief, please make your donations to UNHCR. The refugee agency.”

May posted it on his Instagram with the caption:

“Join our YouTube ‘Live in Ukraine’ Special, all proceeds to Ukraine Relief. The link will be in my slink. Bri.”

You can see May’s Instagram post and the YouTube live stream below.

Photo Credit: Brian May – Instagram