Imagine Dragons Releases The Official Music Video Of ‘Wrecked’

In a recent tweet, Imagine Dragons have announced the release of the new music video for their single titled ‘Wrecked’ from their latest record ‘Mercury – Act 1.’

Imagine Dragons announced a new album to be released on September 3, 2021, which is titled ‘Mercury – Act 1.’ The band released two songs from the album on March 12, 2021, named ‘Follow You’ and ‘Cutthroat.’ Dan Reynolds has revealed the context of the songs back then, saying they are about the relationship between him and his wife Aja Volkman.

Following these two singles, the band released another single titled ‘Wrecked’ which serves as a tribute to Reynold’s tragic family loss on July 2, 2021. As revealed by Dan Reynolds, the song is written after Reynold’s sister-in-law Alisha Dawn Reynolds lost her battle against lymphoma. As it appears, Alisha was an important and influencing figure in his life so Reynolds wanted to pay tribute to her with ‘Wrecked.’

According to Imagine Dragons’ recent tweet, the band has released an official music video for the single which was directed by Matt Eastin. The video appears to have emotional and depressing overtones as we see Reynolds grieving and in pain while seeing some visions of a woman who is probably the symbolization of Alisha in several locations. As seen throughout the replies to the tweet, the fans were also touched by the video.

Imagine Dragons’ tweet read:

“Wrecked music video out now. Directed by Matt Eastin.”

Meanwhile, Reynolds has revealed his new project of developing a multiplayer PC game together with his brother, expecting it to be completed this year. Imagine Dragons is also known to appear in several festivals next summer in 2022 including NOS Alive and the Spanish festival Mad Cool together with Metallica, The Killers, and Muse.

Below is the tweet posted by Imagine Dragons and the official music video of the song ‘Wrecked.’