Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds Shares Details Of His Upcoming Solo Project

In a recent interview on the gaming magazine Level One, Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds has revealed the details about the development of a solo project of his own which as he hopes will be completed this year.

The band Imagine Dragons is known for its love of video games, especially for the game League of Legends. The band has released multiple soundtracks for several games, such as ‘Warriors’ which was made for League Of Legends, or ‘Wings’ for the game NBA 2K17, and their other popular songs were used in countless video games. According to the band members, they are also hardcore gamers and are eager to contribute to the gaming community. It is known that they even walked onto the stage late several times as they were playing video games backstage.

Speaking to Level One, the gaming magazine, Dan Reynolds has also talked about the band’s interest in gaming and revealed an ongoing project of his. He told the magazine that he has been working on developing a multiplayer PC game with his brother and manager Mac Reynolds, and he expects it to be completed this year. Reynolds said that the pair have always talked about making a video game, and he finally told him to do it between album cycles. He then said the project will be finished in the next few months.

Reynolds also revealed he plans to take some time off from music for an indefinite amount of time, so it appears he will be working on his new video game project during that break. He described the game as an indie project as they funded it on their own with his brother. Reynolds then said he is the one who is making the whole soundtrack, the character voices, and the rough sketches of the characters although they have brought in several artists to work on the visual part of the project in a better way than his.

Reynolds told Level One about the project that:

“Without giving away too much, it’s something I’ve been working on with my older brother Mac. He’s my manager, the band’s manager, and he’s the one who I played video games with growing up. He’s also like my best friend and we’ve always talked about making a video game. So I finally managed to pin him down and was like, ‘We’re going to do it between album cycles.’

I knew I was going to take a few years off because I was burnt out on music, and this was before COVID hit. I needed time away. I needed to do something different in the world of art. So I thought it was the best time to get into it.

He then continued, speaking about the first time he came up with the idea and a possible release date:

“I came up with it when I was out walking with my wife. I had always kinda had an idea in the back of my head, which was a multiplayer game. And again, I shouldn’t give too much away or Mac will kill me. But I literally went online, on one of those hire websites where you type in something like: ‘I’m looking to hire someone to help me with blah, blah, blah.’

I didn’t say anything about being Dan from Imagine Dragons. I did a bunch of interviews with a bunch of independent developers, artists, and then put together a team with who we’ve been working over the last year. We’re getting close. I think we’ll be done in the next few months.

It’s obviously an indie project. We funded it all on our own, my brother and I, and I have an incredible team that we put together. It’s the funniest thing I’ve ever done. I’m making the whole soundtrack, I’m doing voices, I did all the rough sketches of characters, and then we brought in really great artists to make everything way better than I could possibly ever do.”

As for a piece of extra information, on July 2, Imagine Dragons announced a new record to be released on September 3 titled ‘Mercury – Act 1,’ and released a single from the album named ‘Wrecked’ which pays tribute to Reynold’s family loss.