The George Harrison Song That Paul McCartney Played To Mourn Him

The Beatles members have gained international recognition with their music and established everlasting fame only with ten years of performing and creating together. This fame’s price came quickly for the musicians, and their private lives were all exposed to the public. Apart from their personal matters, many started to talk about the turmoil within the band.

Eventually, these internal conflicts brought the end of the band in 1970. Though they continued making music individually, only two Beatles are alive as John Lennon’s death came unexpectedly, and George Harrison passed away untimely. Harrison was known to be a silent member, and the other members saw him as a little brother, especially Paul McCartney. His death deeply affected him, and the bassist found a meaningful way to mourn the late musician.

How Did George Harrison Die?

The Beatle went through very challenging times later in his life. He was diagnosed with throat cancer which he publicly blamed on smoking cigarettes. He was treated with radiotherapy and thought to have recovered. Later, he had another unfortunate event where he got attacked by a schizophrenic man in his own house. He got stabbed several times and was fatally injured, yet he held on and recovered from that too.

He seemed to be doing fine until he was diagnosed with lung cancer which later spread to his brain. On November 29, 2001, he passed away at Paul McCartney’s estate and saddened everyone that knew him. The second member of The Beatles had gone that day, and everyone mourned him. Paul McCartney grieved this significant loss with a song as he considered him to be his little brother.

How Did Paul McCartney Pay Homage To Harrison?

Losing his ‘brother’ was a lot for then 59-year-old McCartney, especially considering that Harrison was younger than him. The singer participated in ‘Concert for George’ a year after his death and performed Harrison’s songs. McCartney played Harrison’s ‘Something’ on the ukulele in the tribute concert. He stated in a later biography, ‘You Never Give Me Your Money: The Beatles After the Breakup,’ that he’ll never forget him.

Here is what he said in the biography:

“We grew up together, and we just had so many beautiful times together. That’s what I am going to remember. I’ll always love him. He’s my baby brother.

The rocker performed Harrison’s songs to remember his late bandmate. Apart from ‘For You Blue’ and ‘All Things Must Pass,’ McCartney later performed ‘Something’ during his live performances. Since their musicianship eternally bonded them, it seems appropriate for McCartney to pay homage to his late friend with their songs.

You can watch McCartney perform ‘Something’ on ukulele in 2008 below.