5 Beach Bunny Songs That Brought Rock To Gen-Z

In recent years, Beach Bunny has emerged as a must-watch indie rock band over the past few years. They have accomplished captivating Gen-Z listeners with their catchy tunes and relatable lyrics. One of the turning points in Beach Bunny’s career came when their track ‘Prom Queen’ went viral on TikTok, skyrocketing the Chicago-based indie pop band to overnight success.

Drawing inspiration from diverse musical influences guided by lead singer Lili Trifilio, Beach Bunny has managed to convert a new generation to the allure of rock music. Lili even shared with ‘When The Horn Blows’ in 2019 her inspirations like Led Zeppelin, Hippo Campus and Marina that helped shape their sound and introduced Gen-Z with the world of rock music through a contemporary lens.

Here are 5 of their popular tracks that have helped introduce Gen-Z to the world of rock music.

1. Prom Queen

This breakout hit struck a chord with listeners through its empowering message and relatable themes of body image and self-acceptance. The track’s catchy melody and heartfelt lyrics turned it into a TikTok sensation, propelling Beach Bunny into the mainstream.

2. Good Girls (Don’t Get Used)

‘Good Girls (Don’t Get Used)’ showcases Beach Bunny’s signature blend of charming hooks and introspective lyrics. This track addresses toxic relationships and personal growth themes, drawing Gen-Z listeners into the band’s narrative and solidifying their connection to the rock genre.

3. Cloud 9

With its escapist instrumentation and sincere lyrics, ‘Cloud 9’ captures the essence and joy of being in love, not to mention Beach Bunny’s indie pop-rock sound. The song’s melodic charm and Lili Trifilio’s emotive vocals have captivated young fans, elevating their appreciation for rock music in a contemporary context.

4. Entropy

In this track, Beach Bunny explores the chaotic nature of life and relationships, showcasing their ability to capture complex emotions through their lyrics. The song’s blend of introspection and energetic instrumentals demonstrates the band’s versatility.

5. Sports

‘Sports’ further demonstrates Beach Bunny’s craft of memorable and relevant tunes. The song brings a youthful energy that speaks directly to the experiences and desires of Gen-Z. It’s upbeat nature and good storytelling make it a favorite among fans.

Beach Bunny Guiding Gen-Z To Rock Music

Guided by Trifilio’s storytelling abilities and the band’s capability to address contemporary issues and create melodies that resonate with Gen-Z, they were able to curate a dedicated fanbase for themselves. As they continue to evolve and add new material to their existing catalog, it’s clear that Beach Bunny’s impact on youngsters’ perception of rock music will be far from fading away.