David Draiman: Attacking Roger Waters Would Worth Jail Time

In a new chat with Linda Advocate, David Draiman said it’s worth jail to attack Roger Waters.

When asked about his ongoing feud with Waters due to their different political views, the Disturbed frontman replied:

“He’s a piece of work, that deluded old freak. Antisemitic to his rotten core. Just ask [his Pink Floyd bandmate] David Gilmour and his wife — they’ll testify to it. He’s been that way for the duration of his life and the duration of his career. It’s nothing new. He’s a coward. He’s a hypocrite. He is a supporter of dictators and dictatorial regimes all over the world. He’s an apologist for Putin and apologist for anybody that’s on the wrong side of history. He’s a deluded wannabe-socialist as well.”

In the later part of the conversation, the interviewer wanted to learn if he had ever met Waters in person. David responded:

“Oh, I’d love to meet him in person. Nothing would make me happier. I’d gladly serve whatever jail time and pay the bail necessary for whatever I could get done within a very limited period of time.”

Draiman’s Previous Statements On Waters

This is not the first time Draiman talked about the bassist. Last year, the vocalist criticized Roger on X for wearing an SS officer uniform on stage in Berlin and called him an antisemite. He wrote the following in his tweet:

“Guess which Antisemitic piece of sh*t is up to his old tricks again and actually upping the ante? Defender of dictators, lover of Putin, the living, breathing antithesis of everything he’s supposed to represent. I give you, Roger Waters.”

Later, Draiman continued criticizing Waters on X, calling him an antisemitic coward and a disgrace to Pink Floyd. More recently, David criticized the rocker in a series of tweets after Waters’ controversial comments about U2’s Bono and his support for Israel. Waters had called Bono’s tribute to Hamas attack victims and his support for Israel ‘disgusting.’ Draiman responded to Waters’ remarks on social media:

“Been thinking about doing the same to you, Roger Waters. It really bothers you that someone like Bono who has a real conscience and has real morality, speaks for our people, doesn’t it? You’re a cowardly, smug, entitled Antisemite.”

In another tweet, the Disturbed singer again criticized Waters for antisemitism. Draiman had also defended Israel’s Eurovision contestant, Eden Golan, against Waters’ call for a ban. He shared a video from a concert with a banner against Hamas and opposed Waters’ views.

You can watch Draiman’s full interview below.