David Draiman Calls Roger Waters The ‘Defender Of Dictators’

David Draiman recently called out Roger Waters on Twitter, criticizing the rocker for showing up on stage wearing a SS officer uniform in Berlin while accusing him to be an ‘antisemite.’

Disturbed frontman also called the Pink Floyd icon a ‘lover of Putin’ while explaining how Waters stood against everything he needed to represent and sharing an article detailing the British rocker’s recent controversial Third-Reich-themed stage prompts in Germany.

Draiman tweeted:

“Guess which Antisemitic piece of sh*t is up to his old tricks again and actually upping the ante? Defender of dictators, lover of Putin, the living, breathing antithesis of everything he’s supposed to represent. I give you, Roger Waters.”

And, if you’re wondering what David’s mentioning by saying Waters is up to his ‘old tricks,’ well, the Disturbed rocker is not the first to call the bassist ‘an antisemite,’ as, from David Gilmour‘s wife, Polly Samson, to the Frankfurt city council, many others also accused Roger of similar offenses.

However, a court in Frankfurt recently reversed the show cancelations Waters faced at a local festival, acquitting Roger against the antisemitism accusations. Still, it seemed that the court’s decision didn’t change Draiman’s views on Waters much, as the frontman firmly accused the bassist of sympathizing with dictators.