Wolf Van Halen Responds To Claims About Not Making Eddie’s Wish Come True

Mammoth WVH frontman Wolf Van Halen recently posted a tweet to respond to yet another fan criticism about not being faithful to his father Eddie Van Halen’s wish.

Although Wolf Van Halen stated many times that he is currently on his own career path and is trying to find his place in the music scene, many Van Halen fans have continuously criticized him. This is mainly because they still expect Wolfgang to sound like Van Halen, play the band’s songs during the Mammoth WVH concerts, or be like his father. Recently, Wolf faced yet another Van Halen fan’s criticism.

According to the fan’s tweet, there are many unreleased Van Halen material, and Eddie specifically stated that he was leaving them to Wolfgang for posthumous release. The fan then stressed that Wolf still hasn’t said anything about that. Upon seeing this tweet, Wolfgang decided to clear the air about this claim. He said that there are no materials to be released explicitly following Eddie’s passing, and he can’t believe people believe this to be true.

The musician then blocked the fan on Twitter, and the follower who criticized him said it was because he is angry and sensitive since he lost his dad. The Van Halen fan also stated that he is not mad at Wolfgang, although he thinks he doesn’t deserve to be blocked. Wolfgang Van Halen then responded, saying it is ironic that the fan told a ‘blatant lie,’ and blocking him for that reason makes Wolfgang fragile.

The fan claimed in his tweet the following about Wolfgang:

“There’s a ton of unreleased stuff, which Eddie specifically said he was leaving for his son to release after his death, but Wolfgang Van Halen hasn’t said anything that I know of. Hopefully, someday before all VH fans die and nobody cares anymore!”

Upon seeing this, Wolfgang said:

“Do you even have the slightest idea of what you’re talking about? There is nothing to be ‘specifically’ released, and the fact that people like you assume and demand this to be true is completely beyond me.”

The fan then responded:

“Well, Wolfie is howling into the ether because he blocked me, so I can’t read it. He’s just very angry and sensitive right now. You can tell how he lashes out at everybody left and right. That’s okay. He lost his dad. I don’t feel I deserved his reaction, but I’m not mad at him.”

Wolfgang said:

“Like… he proceeded to tell an entitled and blatant lie, I block him, and that apparently makes me fragile. Haha.”

You can check out the tweets below.