David Crosby Gives A Hilarious Response To A Fan Who Asked For A Method To Grow Mustache Fast

The iconic vocalist of The Byrds and Crosby, Stills & Nash, David Crosby responded to a fan’s question on Twitter asking him to share some tips to grow a mustache, yet his answer was an unexpected one.

The 79-year-old iconic musician David Crosby has been using his social media accounts to share his personal opinions on various subjects. David also often responds to the fans’ most wondered questions about himself and his music career.

Recently on Twitter, one of Crosby’s fans sent a message to the iconic musician stating that he felt like his mustache wasn’t strong enough. The fan asked David to share some tips to grow a mustache or advice to have mustache confidence.

In his response to the fan’s unusual question, David Crosby gave an unexpected answer by stating that his personal method to grow a strong mustache is kissing pretty women, a lot. Crosby implied that he managed to grow his famous mustache by using this particular method and it seems like it actually works.

Here is what the Twitter user asked Crosby about growing a mustache:

“Croz I feel like my mustache isn’t strong enough. Any mustache growth or mustache confidence tips?”

To which David Crosby responded:

Kiss pretty women …a lot

You can see the tweet David Crosby posted on his Twitter account below.

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