Paul Stanley Recalls An Emotional Conversation With His Dad Who Passed Away A Month Ago

KISS Paul Stanley posted a painting of his late father and recalled the last conversation they had together on Twitter. The post made his fans emotional and filled with sympathy.

Stanley’s parents were very supportive of him and his musical career throughout the years. Unfortunately, Stanley announced that his father, William Eisen, passed away on November 7. His sadness was apparent, but the feeling his announcement spread was that the musician was proud and honored to have such a brilliant man as his father.

Almost a month has passed since Eisen’s death, but Stanley doesn’t seem to have forgotten him. The musician shared a portrait painting of his father and tweeted how their relationship grew stronger towards the end of his life.

He also revealed one of the latest conversations he had with him would make a grown-up cry. The Starchild apparently told his father to stay with him forever, and his father’s reply was that he would always be there no matter what.

Here is the tweet posted by Stanley:

“A portrait of my dad I did years ago. My dad seemed reborn in his last decade. Our relationship became even deeper towards the end. Not long ago, I told him, ‘I wish you could be here forever.’ He smiled and said, ‘No matter where I go you will be with me, and I will be with you.‘”

The cause of his death has still not been revealed but, Eisen was 101 years old. His fans praised the painting and showed their support for the singer. They confessed that he was lucky enough to have a supporting father since most parents don’t approve of the artists who wish to pursue a rock and roll career in their teenage years.

You can see Stanley’s tweet and the portrait below.