Paul Stanley Mourns The Death Of His Father

KISS frontman Paul Stanley recently shared a post on his official Twitter account to express his deep sadness over his father’s death. His touching words reflected his intense emotional connection to his father who passed away at the age of 101.

Paul Stanley often gives his parents credit for their influence on him developing an interest in music during the interviews he joined as well as on his social media posts. Paul previously stated that he started to listen to classical music through his parents. He also mentioned that they were watching some local programs including famous bands like The Rolling Stones and The Beatles together. His father is known to be a strong supporter of Stanley’s musical accomplishments.

Stanley frequently gave insight into his relationship with his father on social media to show his respect and love for him. Paul has shared some posts about his father’s health condition and he also hasn’t forgotten to celebrate his birthdays on his official accounts by sharing some of their happy memories together. Unfortunately, KISS icon’s father, William Eisen, passed away on November 8, 2021, at the age of 101. The cause of his death hasn’t been announced yet.

In his recent post on Twitter, Stanley expressed his admiration for his father especially for his never-ending curiosity and desire for learning. Paul also expressed his gratitude to his father for always being supportive throughout his career and being proud of his accomplishments. Stanley concluded his farewell by stating that he will always feel the presence of his father.

Here is how Paul Stanley announced the death of his father:

“My dad William Eisen has left this earth after 101 years & 7 months. His thirst for knowledge never wained. He could speak on virtually any subject. His pride in my accomplishments was heartwarming as was seeing his love of my family. He said he’d always be with me and he will.”

You can see the tweet below.